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  1. Plural of movement

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A movement is a motion, a change in position. Movement can also refer to:

In transportation

  • Locomotion, active movement or travel
  • Transport, the movement of people, goods, signals and information
A motif can be developed by the smallest amount of movement.. you could use transport or locomotion.

In biology

seealso animal locomotion

In art

In social studies

In politics


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act, acting, action, actions, activism, activity, acts, address, affectation, air, bearing, behavior, behavior pattern, behavioral norm, behavioral science, carriage, clockworks, comportment, conduct, culture pattern, custom, demeanor, deportment, doing, doings, drive train, employment, exercise, folkway, function, functioning, gear, gestures, goings-on, guise, innards, machinery, maintien, manner, manners, mechanism, method, methodology, methods, mien, modus vivendi, motion, motions, movement, moves, observable behavior, occupation, operation, operations, pattern, play, poise, port, pose, posture, power train, practice, praxis, presence, procedure, proceeding, servomechanism, social science, style, swing, tactics, tone, watchworks, way, way of life, ways, wheels, wheels within wheels, work, working, workings, works
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